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New Work

Rob Heard’s new collection is a continuation of his work on the concept of memory. A departure from his previous large-scale public artworks – Shrouds of the Somme and the Trench – which physicalise a number in a shared remembrance of those who fell in battle, these new pieces also physicalise a memory but rather than a collective impression, they represent personal recollections and moments in a life, which encapsulate what it was like to grow up in the UK in the 1970s and 80s.

Fleeting instances and flashes of memory are visually represented in sculpture, mixed media and installation work. Recreating individual moments in time and featuring striking or evocative images infused with popular culture – to illustrate how a collection of moments can influence and shape a life.

Presented together, these artworks give an insight into how different moments can guide an individual’s perception of reality and lay the path for a creative journey. The disparity of a domestic scene infused with the sanitised violence and gunfire of a Sunday afternoon Western, the delicious moments of first love with tentative physical contact and startling recollections of objects in unexpected places. These are the strongest, most impactful memories, which float to the top when someone thinks back over their early life. Moments of presence, intensity and influence, these are the deeply personal experiences that shape a psyche.

Whilst each composition is profoundly personal to Rob, a viewer may also extract their own meaning from the pieces whilst contemplating which memories from their own lives could be encapsulated in this way – and why. Providing opportunities for personal reflection or resonance.

If you are interested in exhibiting Rob’s new work please get in touch.

Rob's new work