The Bough Houses

Living on the edge of Exmoor, Rob takes his inspiration from the rolling countryside surrounding his home, where each Bough House sculpture takes several months to construct. The designs do not follow an explicit plan or process, each piece is unique. They evolve and flow freely, as part of a creative journey which has no natural limit, whilst also revealing great logic and engineering integrity. Every aerial walkway or staircase leads to a room - there are no dead-ends and every turret and tower can be reached. 

Hover over the thumbnail pictures below to see a larger image. To see a really big picture and appreciate the intricate detail of these pieces please click on the thumbnail.

“Like a treehouse but a dreaming skywards citadel, a sculpture which you explore, a fairytale-esque journeyland to delight the mind’s eye.”

It is difficult to convey the scale and quality of these wooden sculptures with these photos. If you would like to visit Rob and take a look at them in person, with a view to purchasing or commissioning one then please contact us to arrange a viewing.

To find out more about how the sculptures are made, check out the creative process page.